Gunless 2010 western movieGunless is likely the first Canadian western you can watch online. The Montana Kid (Paul Gross) wonders into a small Canadian town up north where his hostility is met with over helpful and over friendly people. What is a gunslinger with a bad reputation to keep and who has shot 11 men got to do?

Gunless full movie, written and directed by William Phillips has an amusing enough concept, which Phillips develops into quite the solid script with humour, romance and a good solid climax involving a showdown without guns. The Monana Kid comes into the town and tries to fix his gun and buy bullets. But the Gunless town has no working gun in sight. Nothing much really happens except that he falls in love with a local lass (Sienna Guillory) and a trio of bounty hunters led by Ben Cutler (Callum Keith Rennie) show up in the town to get him.

Sienna Guillory plays Jane Taylor
Phillips’ film is entertaining enough with the action moving at a constant pace. His humor is observant and tightly tied into the film’s story. Paul Gross makes a believable bumbling Monta Kid and Guillory charms him and her audience as well.

Phillips tosses a lot of historical references into his movie, which may run him into accuracy problems. There is a nod to prohibition, the building of the railway by the Chinese across Canada during that time and even the use of names like Sean. But no one should really care, watch Gunless online for free because it is a comedy foremost and audiences forgive historical inaccuracies in movies that make them laugh.